Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ready to Run

I just viewed a picture of me running away from the camera (a.k.a. my backside) that was taken last week. I was so embarrassed by the size of my derrière that I decided that I can't wait any longer- I must register for something that will get my booty off the couch and out training. Here are the events that I am now registered for:

This race is being put on by some of my friends and is designed to raise money for the Kiwanis Club. I honestly have no idea what the Kiwanis Club is or what they do but I figured it will be a great way to break back into the racing without getting too overwhelmed right off the bat.

This ride is off limits to men. I have to admit, I am not totally stoked about rides that are all "she-power." I sorta feel like segregation is not the best way to make women equal to men. However, I do love that a lot of women come out to these events that would never participate if men were involved. I have a couple of girlfriends doing this ride so I figured it would be a fun one to get involved in. I haven't decided yet the distance I am going to ride but I am thinking I would prefer the 60 miler.

This is, again, an event created for the ladies. I went into that above so I won't waste your time explaining to you how I feel about this type of event. I am excited that this race takes place in Park City which is where I hope to be living by then. I am also excited to run this with a couple of girlfriends. And, I know the race directors. I'm always happy to support the races of my fellow race directors as I hope they would do the same for me.

So those are my upcoming races. After scheduling out the next few months of my life, I honestly don't feel like I have very many other open weekends to participate in local events. One thing that I am actually really excited for is a day of trail running in Boulder, CO. My friend, Melissa Stratton, and I both have to be in Boulder for the week of May 9-12. We are going to leave a day early and go trail running for a day. That's right, X-Country Camp is being revived, even if it is just for one day. I can't wait!

Need a training buddy? Let's get together and run or ride!

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mel said...

I love x-country camp! I think I need to register for that half marathon as a means of motivation!